Proven. Performant. PROFINET – real-time communication in the field.

The increasing digitalization of companies, involving networking between OT and IT, is opening up tremendous economic potential. PROFINET – the leading Industrial Ethernet standard for automation – supports you at the field level in creating integrated processes with real-time communication and connecting them up to the cloud via OPC UA. The openness and flexibility of PROFINET means you enjoy maximum freedom when designing your machine and system structure. Its unrivaled efficiency allows you to use available resources optimally, while significantly increasing plant availability. PROFINET’s performance sustainably increases the productivity in your company. And if you’re wondering what the next step is for digitalization – straight talk TSN.

PROFINET for the manufacturing industry

PROFINET for the process industry

PROFINET for product developers

Advantage with PROFINET

Productivity to the power of four – for all professionals

PROFINET gives you new ways to boost your productivity with four key advantages – openness, flexibility, efficiency, and performance.


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