AS-Interface (AS-i) provides you with an effective and powerful bus system which connects the sensors and actuators on the lowest field level with the superior control – with unrivaled ease, safety and integration! AS-Interface serves as a cost-favorable feeder for PROFINET or another higher-level fieldbus system. As an alternative, you can plug in a central AS-i communication module directly next to the SIMATIC controller. AS-interface is easy to configure in TIA Portal and standardized as an open standard in accordance with IEC 62026-2. All components comply with the AS-i specification and are correspondingly tested and certified.

The right solution for each application:

AS-i supports perfect adjustability – to any system size and any safety requirement.

AS-i Standard and AS-i Safety

  • Fast and flexible installation of the AS-i I/O modules by simply plugging them onto the bus line
  • Standard and fail-safe data on the AS-i two-wire line
  • Reliable wiring for any application

Why AS-i from Siemens?

  • Perfect integration of AS-i modules in SIMATIC ET 200SP and TIA Portal 
  • Integrated system diagnostics of the AS-i networks
  • Easy extension of multiple AS-i networks or AS-i Safety within a SIMATIC ET 200SP station
  • Clear data management of the AS-i networks including Safety in one common TIA project
  • Integration in SIMATIC PCS 7 using AS-Interface block library
  • Worldwide delivery and support

Learn all you need to know about AS-Interface right here:


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