Disconnecting Circuit Breakers (DCB)

Disconnecting Circuit Breakers (DCB)

Product Overview

Siemens Energy has developed a device in which the isolating distance has been integrated in the SF6 gas compartment in order to reduce external environmental influences. The DCB (Disconnecting Circuit Breaker) is used as a circuit breaker and also as a disconnector – two functions combined in one device. An additional air-insulated earthing switch can be mounted onto the supporting structure for voltages up to 145 kV.

Main features:

  • Combination of circuit breaker and disconnector in one device
  • No visible opening distance due to the SF6-insulated disconnector function
  • Compact mechanical interlock which guarantees that the circuit breaker stays in the open position when used as a disconnector
  • Position indicators for monitoring
  • Optional air-insulated earthing switch (up to 145 kV)


  • Highest reliability by applying well-proven and established components from Siemens circuit breakers and earthing switches
  • Highest availability due to reduced maintenance interruptions
  • Cost- and space-saving solution by combining two devices into one
  • Minimized costs for transportation, maintenance, installation and commissioning, as well as civil engineering work
  • Compact and intelligent interlocking and position indicating device for greater safety
  • From a single source: documentation and technical support, assembly and installation, customer training, 24-hour service

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