Line Surge Arresters

Line Surge Arresters

Product Overview

Line surge arresters (LSA) are designed to prevent ground faults and short circuits in power lines caused by lightning or switching overvoltages. Insulator flashovers, voltage dips and interruptions are prevented by eliminating all lightning and switching overvoltages above the insulator insulation level (the lightning-impulse withstand level, or LIWL for short).

Overvoltage protection by line surge arresters
Installation of line surge arresters at recommended locations along the line in accordance with our line simulation ensures anhanced overvoltage protection. Selecting the optimum line surge arresters, especially in terms of their quantity and installation locations, significantly improves the reliability of the overall line system and the quality of power that it supplies. We offer line surge arresters for system voltages up to 800 kV and an energy discharge capability of 3.6 C.

Beneficial applications of line surge arresters 

  • Improve lightning protection performance
  • Reduce outages caused by poor grounding and high lightning activity
  • Reduce double-circuit outage rates / protect underbuild distribution lines
  • Provide switching surge control – structural optimization and lower clearances
  • Improve safety – prevents personal injuries and damage to equipment
  • For line upgrading and compaction – reduced insulation levels
  • For live work on the line -temporarily reduce minimum approach distance
  • Achieve lower installation costs and losses in line system (outages)


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