Medium-Voltage Arresters for Distribution Networks

Medium-Voltage Arresters for Distribution Networks

Product Overview

We offer a wide range of product families for all types of requirements.

It is important to choose the surge arrester based on the application and equipment to be protected:

Surge arresters for distribution networks
Siemens Energy 3EK distribution class surge arresters are ideally suited for the reliable protection of transformers, circuit breakers, medium-voltage switchgear and distribution lines.

Surge arresters with high energy absorption capabilities
In addition to typical distribution class surge arresters, Siemens Energy offers the 3EJ surge arrester product family with higher energy absorption capabilities in combination with a low protection level. The 3EJ medium-voltage surge arresters protect generators, motors, arc furnaces, dry-type transformers, airfield lighting systems, cable sheathing and converters for drives from overvoltage.

Plug-in surge arresters
The 3EH4 medium-voltage plug-in arresters optimally protect your transformers and switchgear against switching overvoltages and lightning.

Special applications
Siemens Energy offers the 3EQ0 product series for applications that require a surge arrester with a silicone rubber housing and directional pressure relief.

Siemens Energy also offers the 3EP-G porcelain housed surge arresters with short-circuit current capability up to 300 kA for the overvoltage protection of generators and motors.


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