Pilot wire current differential feeder protection Reyrolle 7PG21

Pilot wire current differential feeder protection Reyrolle 7PG21

Product Overview

The 7PG21 is a three-phase unit differential protection used to detect in zone phase and earth faults. The relay is applied to the overhead line and underground cable circuits as well as shorter circuits such as interconnectors.

Features :

Relays (and associated CTs) are installed at each end of the protected circuit and connected together with dedicated metallic pilot wires.

This established protection system provides simple, robust protection of proven performance facilitating straightforward installation, commissioning and maintenance.

Relays have 3 current inputs and are housed in E6 cases.

Additional relays and components can be added to the basic protection to provide:

  • Increased insulation level
  • Pilot wire supervision to monitor the integrity of the pilot circuit.

Functions :

Protection functions

  • Current differential protection over a single pair of pilot wires

Supervision functions

  • Optional pilot wire supervision
  • Optional overcurrent guard (check)

Control functions

  • Optional unstabilising / intertripping

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