Product Overview

STAROIP bushings is the new generation of Oil Impregnated Paper condenser bushing manufactured according to IEEE C57.19.01. These bushings are available from 25 kV to 500 kV system voltages in the most common current ratings.

Main features:

  • Oil volume compensation with stainless steel bellows
  • Maintenance free top terminal with multi-spring contact
  • Porcelain cemented into the flange for increased cantilever withstand capability
  • Oil side epoxy insulator providing high impact resistance and reduced size
  • Embedded end shield in the epoxy insulator
  • Draw lead adapters to allow replacement of old draw lead bushings without modification of the existing stud & cable


  • The STAROIP has been upgraded to exceed the electrical performance of both IEC 60137 and IEEE C57.19.01. The design philosophy of the STAROIP is to take the greater electrical performance parameter between IEC and IEEE and create a superior design in the dimensional requirement of the IEEE standard.
  • STAROIP presents the feature of physical separation of oil and air, providing oil volume compensation by means of stainless steel bellow for a superior design, excluding the possibility of having the formation of gas bubbles.
  • STAROIP is a high performance design to meet your transformer and reactor applications whether it is a new installation or to replace an old existing bushing.

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