Voltage and frequency protection Reyrolle 7SR158

Voltage and frequency protection Reyrolle 7SR158

Product Overview

The Reyrolle 7SR158 Argus voltage and frequency relays are numerical, multifunctional devices, with functionality designed for connection to voltage transformers.


The voltage and frequency functionality is supplemented by data storage, instrumentation, user configurable logic and data communication features. A menu based user-friendly interface provides local access to relay settings, instruments and operational data. The fascia also benefits from 9 user configurable, tri-coloured LEDs and a USB port for PC access.

The key functions provided include 27/59 -under and overvoltage, 81 -under and over frequency, 78 -Voltage vector shift and 81R -Rate of change of frequency.

Relays have three voltage inputs, six binary inputs and eight binary outputs and are housed in a size E4 case. Programmable logic is provided to allow the optimal configuration of relay functionality. A rear electrical RS485 port is provided for SCADA connection using either IEC60870-5-103, DNP3.0 or MODBUS RTU protocol.


Protection functions

  • Under/over voltage
  • Under/over frequency
  • Rate of change of frequency
  • Negative phase sequence voltage
  • Neutral voltage displacement
  • Voltage vector shift

Supervision functions

  • Trip and close circuit supervision
  • Lockout

Monitoring functions

  • Primary/secondary line and phase voltages
  • Historical demand record
  • Positive phase sequence (PPS) voltage
  • Negative phase sequence (NPS) voltage
  • Zero phase sequence (ZPS) voltage

Further functions

  • Four settings groups
  • 2 levels password protection
  • Self monitoring
  • Circuit breaker trip and maintenance counters
  • Fault, event and waveform records
  • Programmable user logic
  • User alarms
  • Virtual inputs/outputs
  • Front USB communication port
  • Rear RS485 communication port

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